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Lens hoods with the mennon screw mount or with the mennon bayonet mount are patented products of the mennon Corporation.
Original Patent Certificates:
The mennon Corporation did not license any other producer. That is why lens hoods with these mounts legally may only be produced by the mennon Corporation itself. All legal mennon products are branded with the registered ¡°mennon¡± trademark.
All lens hoods with the above described mounts in the market, which are not branded ¡°mennon¡±,  are NOT authorized by the patent owner and therefore
These piracy products are not only illegal, but also inferior quality goods.
A person who produces, sells or imports lens hoods with the patented mennon mounts without authority, commits an intellectual property right infringement.
The above mentioned patents which were granted in China in 2005 do not constitute any patent rights outside of China, but they prove unquestionably the ownership of a worldwide valid copyright.
Since patent laws are not applicable outside of China, in all countries outside of China automatically the general copyright law must be applied, since the mennon lens hoods are ¡®works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression¡¯. 17 U.S.C. ¡ì 301(a) .
[US-laws are cited here as example. In all countries of the Berne Convention corresponding laws are effective.]
According 17 U.S.C. Chapter 5, the infringer is liable for all damages caused by the infringement.
According 17 U.S.C. Chapter 5, the mennon Corporation or their authorized local representative are entitled to the larger of either a reasonable royalty or lost profits that result from infringement of their copyright. Usually the infringer has to pay all legal and attorney¡¯s fees.
If an infringer is found to have deliberately infringed the patents (i.e. "wilful" infringement), then punitive damages can be assessed up to three times the actual damages.
Additionally the described piracy lens hoods constitute a misappropriation of the intellectual property of the patents. The US Congress has significantly expanded the potential for criminal liability. As a result, the consequences of an infringement are now much higher, with potential findings of criminal liability for the individuals involved, in addition to the monetary damages in related civil suits (prison up to 10 years 18 U.S.C. ¡ì 2319).
We strongly advice all distributors of lens hoods to turn down the distribution of piracy lens hoods, to avoid criminal liability and high monetary damages, because otherwise the mennon Corporation or their local representative must feel compelled to initiate legal proceedings and/or civil suits against them.
To those lens hood distributors, who up to now dealt with piracy lens hoods without knowledge of the involved product piracy, we recommend to contact trustfully the mennon Corporation or their local representative without delay, to replace the piracy products in their assortment with legal, original mennon, quality products.

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