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The patented mennon® bayonet mounting

The technical drawing shows five times enlarged details of a logitudinal section of a camera lens with a standard filter thread.

A typical filter (f.i. UV-filter) is screwed in.

On the filter a mennon bayonet type lens hood is installed with the patented mennon bayonet mount.


If you use lens hoods of the new mennon® DC-bn series, you can replace the filter by the included Adapter Ring, which functions like an empty filter frame.



You can see in the drawing that the internal width of the ISO filter thread of the camera lens, the thread width of the filter and the internal width (IW) of the upper margin of the metal ring of the mennon lens hood are equal. Since IW in millimeter is also the number in the designations of mennon lens hoods, you can easily find the bayonet lens hood which fits your camera:


Example: Measure the Internal Width IW of the filter thread of your lens or find it in the camera or lens manual.

                If it is 52mm, then a 52mm filter fits on it and any mennon lens hood with bayonet mount and "52" in

                the designation (f.i. DC-b 52 or DV-b 52) fits on the filter.  



mennon lens hoods with bayonet mount can be mounted fast and precisely within a few seconds on any lens with a mounted filter:


     1. Slip the hood on the filter.

          (Inside the metal ring of the hood is a channel with a rubber ring. The lower margin of this channel fits tightly on

          the filter, so that the slightly higher upper margin brings the lens hood precisely in position.)


     2. Turn the hood, so that the white triangle is in 12 o'clock position

          (Then the higher sides of the hood are exactly perpendicular)


     3. Turn the lock-screw until you feel that the rubber ring is pressed against the filter.

          (Then filter and lens hood are firmly locked together)
The original mennon bayonet mounting is patent protected. Patent number CN 2733406Y

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